Sunday, 16 June 2013

Makeup Remover?

Calling all girls! I need advice and fast!

I am suffering badly from breakouts at the past two weeks and taking my makeup of every day with wipes isn't helping! I am very lazy as this is why I use them, so I dont need a lecture on face wipes being bad because I KNOW!

I would say my skin is a combination of normal, dry and oily, although it is extremely sensitive and this can be seen once my make up has been removed and I am left with a red patchy face, blackheads and pimples. I am in need of a good amazing make up remover wether gel, wash or what not, I need recommendations and advice. I need to find the best one which will help get rid and prevent breakouts and get rid of the red skin!


  1. You should try a hot cloth cleanser which is like a cream make up remover, superdrug has one which is pretty good :)

  2. Makeup wipes are the worst thing for sensitive skin - they dry the skin out! The best thing to do is wash your face with Simple face wash and warm water, then remove the excess makeup with Simple's cleanser.

    After that tone and moisturise your face & I guarantee you will see a difference! Simple is the best make for sensitive skin as it doesn't include any harsh chemicals.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Good luck!


  3. You should definitely use olive oil! It gets rid of my makeup so easily, and doesn't clog pores so it won't break you out! (even though it's a little scary to put oil on your face)

    Good luck! xo

  4. have u tried a cleansing balm? i think it would be much gentler than wipes

  5. I would recommend getting your skin into a routine. I used to get a lot of breakouts too, but I now use an Olay sensitive skin cleanser which I use at night to cleanse and remove makeup. Then I put a rosehip oil on my face and spritz rosewater on my face throughout the evening. In the morning I just wash my face with warm water and apply moisturizer/makeup. That's my routine and it has cleared my skin, and made it so soft :) Hopefully that will help you out, good luck! xx


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