Sunday, 23 June 2013

Today I Bought #1

Revlon Lip Butter - Strawberry Shortcake

Mac Lipstick - Rebel

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer - Ivory

Benefit Blusher - Sugarbomb
Mac Eye shadow - Brun

I am yet to do one of these posts so today is the day I have decided to do one of my rounded up purchases of the past couple of days!

I have really been struggling to find a nice eyebrow pencil which makes my eyebrows really defined and not so smudgey, instead of a pencil I opted for an eye shadow as seen on Maskcara's beauty blog, her blog is amazing! Go check her out (especially her brow school posts). Anyhow back to meeee this eye shadow goes on perfectly with my Benefit hard angled brush and really does make a difference to my eyebrows they look more natural looking and more groomed now.

I went in Benefit the other day and asked the girl working their which blush she would recommend and she recommend Benefit's sugarbomb, which is amazing! 4 shades in 1, you cant go wrong! The foursome are all shimmery in colours peach, soft plum, pink and rose. Massive thumbs up for this product!

I always see bloggers rambling on about Rimmel wake me up concealer for under the eyes especially Tanya Burr in her Youtube tutorials. Ever since I bought it I have noticed a real difference.. no more noticeable tired eyes and eye bags but now a glowy awake look around them. It's only £5.49 in Boots and honestly is a makeup essential in my makeup bag!

Being the follower I thought I'd join in and purchase one of the Revlon lip butter as once again I have also seen many people rambling on over this product. I may sound rather cheap but I think £7.99 is rather over priced for this, as amazing as it is and gives you a real glossy; shimmery, smooth, gentle coloured lip, I just think the price should be lowered, around the 5 pound mark I would say, possibly lower *embarrassed face*. There are a range of gorgeous colours and although I've just had a little moan about the price, I will be trying more colours out especially as their is a buy 1 get 2nd half price on selected products at the minute on them in Boots, so will be defiantly checking that out in a moment.

Finally, saved the best till last.. my wonderful new all time favourite Mac lipstick in the shade Rebel, O M G it's gorgeous! I have always lusted over this shade but haven't had the balls to purchase is as the shade is so deep and bold! I love my bold lips as you can tell by my first ever blog post but this is the deepest boldest colour I have ever fallen for, also another positive for this is it makes your teeth look a lot whiter, so how could you possibly not love this lippy?

Would love to know if you have tried out any of these products and what you think of them? Also what is your favourite Mac lipstick?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Makeup Remover?

Calling all girls! I need advice and fast!

I am suffering badly from breakouts at the past two weeks and taking my makeup of every day with wipes isn't helping! I am very lazy as this is why I use them, so I dont need a lecture on face wipes being bad because I KNOW!

I would say my skin is a combination of normal, dry and oily, although it is extremely sensitive and this can be seen once my make up has been removed and I am left with a red patchy face, blackheads and pimples. I am in need of a good amazing make up remover wether gel, wash or what not, I need recommendations and advice. I need to find the best one which will help get rid and prevent breakouts and get rid of the red skin!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Benefit High Brow

Benefit High Brown Pencil - Linen Pink


I thought I'd be absolutely in love with this product because I love anything from Benefit, their products always seem to work great and offer new, amazing things for anything and everything!

Although I use this product still I dont recommend it, I am only using this to define the arch whilst growing my eyebrows out to get them reshaped etc. I definitely picked up the wrong pencil and should of gone for the Benefit High Brow Glow pencil as this one is to pinky for me and when applied and blended in it looks a dull grey/pink colour and I expected a shimmery, bright, white to skin tone colour.

This pencil can be used for many things such as lifting the arch of the brows, for your under eye bags and also on the cupid bow of your lips but unfortunately this just doesn't do it for me and once i've ran out I wont be repurchasing. I will probably go for the glow pencil but will ask the girls at Benefit to demonstrate it on me before I buy to see what it looks like on, try before you buy girls!!!

P.S. Please excuse the messy eye shadow and awful overgrown, bushy brows, i'm growing them out to get reshaped by the Benefit Boutique :)

Who does your brows?

Monday, 10 June 2013

Naked Nudes

I was looking through Ebay for some new, cheap eye shadow palettes, and this W7 Naked Nudes Eye shadow Palette popped up, I instantly was attracted to the colours as I would be able to create a pretty nude eye.

I, myself have never heard of the makeup brand W7 but it was so so cheap so I thought I'd purchase and try it out! The palette comes with a double ended eye shadow sponge, I personally dont use them, I prefer actual brushes.

Being a cheapy buy the eye shadows have no individual names.

I had to swatch them a few times, especially the second one (from left to right) but overall I think the colours were pretty and I will definitely be using them soon!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Mac Whims and Fancies Eyeshadow

I popped into Mac the other day with my friend whilst in town to get her a new foundation, whilst in there I saw this perfect little eye shadow duo which I saw last year and the beginning of this year a few bloggers reviewing it! The colours just looked great together!

The cute little duo contains two shades, the first being Performance Art and the second, Shadowy Lady.

Performance Art (left) - Shimmery dirty purple/pale pink with a hint of gold to it. I had to swatch a few times to be able to build up to a noticeable colour.

Shadowy Lady (right) - Deep plum, with an almost black/brown undertone, with a matte finish. I found it very stubborn and hard to swatch and blend out once applied to the eyes.

Overall I love both colours once built up but both textures aren't too great!

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